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Cozy Rentals


Your gateway to a great Caribbean holiday!

Are you dreaming of a sun-soaked Caribbean vacation on the enchanting island of Curaçao? Look no further! At Cozy Rentals Curaçao, we specialize in turning your dream holiday into a reality.

Start your journey with us today. Browse through our selection and discover the perfect place to call home during your Curaçao adventure. Cozy Rentals Curaçao is here to ensure that your Caribbean vacation is as relaxing and enjoyable as the island itself.

Cozy Rentals

Eight years ago, I started a journey fueled by my love for Curaçao. I began by renting out our charming apartments 'Casa Maron'. This quickly became a success, thanks to the great feedback and excitement from our guests.

What started with just our own lovely holiday homes has now become a way for me to help other owners rent out their places as well. Cozy Rentals has been launched, so I can help more people find and enjoy great vacation spots in Curaçao.

The name 'Cozy Rentals' was born from my commitment to a personal and approachable service. I understand that every traveler has their unique preferences and needs. That's why I ensure that each guest is treated with individual attention and care.


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Pre-arrival grocery package

Start relaxing the moment you arrive with our pre-arrival grocery package. Tell me what you need, and I'll make sure your vacation home is stocked with some grocery essentials.

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Excursion recommendations

Discover Curaçao's best with my excursion recommendations. From snorkeling to cultural tours, I’ll guide you to the top activities for an unforgettable experience.


Tips & Info Package

Discover insider tips for Cozy Rentals Curacao guests! My Tips & Info Package enhances your island visit to its fullest potential for an unforgettable experience.

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